Business Systems

business-system-summiteam1-300x203Someone asked me what does “business system” means. I believe, others may want to know the real meaning that works.
System is a process, procedure, course or a method of action created to achieve a desired output. Its component parts and interrelated steps are needed for the success of the system. Making an effective business system is the only way to have great results that have a measurable, consistent and ultimately beneficial to customer.

Try to imagine the normal business activities below as designed systems; each producing an output that is needed for the success of the whole. Obviously, you can list as many systems and subsystems as you want, a unique to your organization.

In order to manage the important details of your task, one must need an effective business system. This information can be found in the lower-level subsystems. For example, marketing system may have a subsystem known as lead generation. This lead generation system could have subsystems suck as telemarketing or radio advertising and direct mail. Systems and subsystems are the force behind that brings steady output, even when you’re not around.
A business system can be as simple as a guidelines designed in an hour or two. Nonetheless, more advanced systems may take days or even weeks to implement. The best systems look into such elements as components, design, people, quality, speed and measurement. There are “best practices” for creating high-performance business systems that often pay big dividends when carried out properly.

Top notch systems take waste and inefficiency away from your business and help you give clients what they want every single time. They are actually the answer to low profit margins, weak sales growth, poor performance, customer dissatisfaction, inadequate cash flow, daily frustration and employee turnover.
A systems approach to building an organization eliminates seat-of-the-pants operations, generalized solutions, employee discretion, and everything else left to chance. These are substituted with detailed performance standards, procedures, and accountability. You are saying to all of your people, “This is how we do it here!”
In fact, one of the best businesses is also those with the best systems and processes. Many of the great businesses of our day started with one significant innovative system— Federal Express overnight delivery, McDonald’s fast food, and Google Internet search, to mention a few. These titans, and thousands of others, have built their fortunes on one or more outstanding systems that serve clients better than anyone else in their target market.
At this point, you already have an idea of what a system is, it’s time to identify yours, promote them to higher performance, and reap a bountiful harvest.